Which Alfred Hitchcock Movie Are You?

(image via https://dr3amtracercc.deviantart.com/art/Alfred-Hitchcock-172485718)

At one time or another, we’ve all wondered which Alfred Hitchcock movie we might be. That’s just a normal part of growing up.

Now, science has the answer. Simply complete this 9-part personality profile and, within seconds, the supercomputers at HitchPod Laboratories will diagnose you and answer the question, once and for all, of Which Alfred Hitchcock Movie Are You?

(Note: Results of this quiz may contain minor spoilers)

1.What’s your opinion of birds?
2.Do you like to secretly spy on people?
3.Do you talk to strangers while on public transport?
4.What are you most scared of?
5.How do you feel about your partner’s ex?
6.Do you share a home with somebody who openly dislikes you?
7.From which great height would you least like to fall?
8.What’s the worst thing you can imagine happening at a party?
9.What’s most likely to happen next time you go to the beach?

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